Do You Tip Tree Trimmers

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How Much to Tip Tree Removal

Tree trimming is a skilled profession that commands respectable compensation for both business owners and arborists who perform the climbing and pruning tasks. While tipping is not mandatory in the tree services industry, it is widely considered a thoughtful gesture to express appreciation for a job well done. However, knowing who to tip and how much can be a bit of a puzzle. In this article, we will explore the art of tipping tree trimmers and provide guidelines to help you navigate this etiquette with confidence.

Determining the Right Amount to Tip

Tree trimmer

When it comes to tipping tree trimmers, there is a general rule of thumb: tip between 10% and 20% of the total cost of the work. This range allows you to show your appreciation while considering the scope of the job.

If you have multiple trimmers working on your trees, it is best to distribute the tip among them proportionally. This approach ensures that each worker receives recognition for their individual contribution.

Exceptions to the Rule

Although the percentage-based formula is a helpful guideline, there may be situations where it becomes impractical or disproportionate. For instance, if you have an extensive number of trees or have engaged a high-end tree trimming service, the total tip amount might become prohibitively expensive.

In such cases, it is acceptable to give each worker a flat additional sum, typically ranging from $5 to $15. This approach allows you to express gratitude without incurring an excessive financial burden.

Tipping the Right Recipients

A crucial aspect of tipping tree trimmers is identifying the appropriate recipients. It is essential to remember that tips are intended for the workers who directly perform the tree trimming tasks. These individuals are the ones who invest their skill and effort to ensure the job is done well.

Conversely, it is not customary nor necessary to tip the business owner. Owners are typically more removed from the physical work and receive compensation through their business operations. Directly tipping the workers acknowledges their labor and serves as a fitting token of appreciation.

The Significance of Tipping Workers

Tipping tree trimmers serves as a supplementary income source for workers who may not earn as much as the business owners. By leaving an extra $5 or $10, you can positively impact their livelihood and demonstrate your recognition for their dedication.

Conversely, since business owners tend to have higher earning potential, the impact of a tip on their income is minimal, making it less likely to resonate with them. Therefore, directing your tip towards the workers ensures that your gesture is both meaningful and impactful.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

When it comes to delivering the tip, it is recommended to personally hand it to the workers. While entrusting the business owner to distribute the tip may seem convenient, there is a possibility that the tips might not reach the intended recipients.

By directly giving the gratuity to the workers, you ensure that your appreciation reaches those who have earned it.


Tipping tree trimmers is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude for their hard work and craftsmanship. Understanding the guidelines for tipping allows you to navigate this custom with confidence and ensure that your gesture is both appropriate and meaningful.

Remember to consider the total cost, distribute tips proportionally, and deliver them directly to the workers. By following these practices, you can demonstrate your appreciation for quality tree trimming while supporting the workers who make it possible.


Is Tipping Mandatory for Tree Trimmers?

No, tipping is not mandatory for tree trimmers. However, it is considered a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for their work.

How Much Should I Tip Tree Trimmers?

The general guideline is to tip between 10% and 20% of the total cost of the tree trimming service. If you have multiple workers, it is best to distribute the tip among them proportionally.

What if the Total Tip Amount Becomes Too Expensive?

If the total tip amount based on the percentage guideline becomes impractical or disproportionately high, you can give each worker a flat additional sum, typically ranging from $5 to $15.

Should I Tip the Owner of the Tree Trimming Business?

No, it is not customary or necessary to tip the owner of the tree trimming business. Tips are meant for the workers who directly perform the tree trimming tasks.

Why Should I Tip the Workers and Not the Owner?

Tipping the workers directly acknowledges their labor and serves as a meaningful token of appreciation. Workers generally earn less than business owners, so the tip can have a more significant impact on their income.

Is it Important to Give the Tips to the Workers Personally?

Yes, it is recommended to personally hand the tips to the workers. This ensures that your appreciation reaches the intended recipients, as sometimes tips given to the owner may not be passed on to the workers.

Can I Tip Tree Trimmers in Forms Other Than Cash?

While cash is the most common form of tipping, you can also consider other forms of appreciation, such as gift cards or refreshments. However, cash is generally the most convenient and appreciated option.

Are There Any Other Ways to Show Appreciation for Tree Trimmers?

Yes, in addition to tipping, you can express your gratitude by providing positive feedback or reviews for the tree trimming service. Recommending their services to others is also a valuable way to support their business.